Andovar offers a comprehensive suite of translation, localization and multimedia services to the gaming industry. We provide coverage for a wide variety of electronic formats in every modern commercial language. Led by a culturally diverse team of experienced executives from around the globe, we offer a unique combination of resources, technology and expertise that ensures world-class quality at competitive rates. We can meet your requirements whether for translation, audio or testing services.

We understand the importance of conveying every aspect of the gaming experience into multilingual marketplaces. This goes beyond accurate translation into the creation of authentic, culturally adapted gameplay by localizing game prompts, character voices, subtitles, websites and more.

Platforms Supported

  • PC, Mac & Linux
  • Sony PlayStation 3 & 4
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 & Xbox One
  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U
  • Handheld: 2DS, DSi, 3DS, iPad, Sony PlayStation Vita
  • Mobile handsets: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Online: casual, downloadable & MMO games
  • Virtual Reality headsets

Types of Games and Processes

The state of development is an important consideration for localization. If the final playable version of the game has been released, we can get familiar with how it plays and review the complete text. However, more often than not, game publishers opt for a simultaneous shipping (simship) model, which means releasing all language versions at the same time. This presents unique challenges to the localization process, since game text is under constant development and many assets cannot be provided in the beginning. The solution is a flexible cyclical approach involving several iterations of translated builds, which includes:

  • Getting conceptual art if possible
  • Getting descriptions of game inventory and powers, even if only in source language
  • Getting character bibles if possible
  • Asking the client to point to a similar game already localized for reference

We have also learned that different processes should be applied depending on the type of game. Small and simple games with straightforward mechanics, require fewer resources and preparation. In such cases we often work with passionate gamers who enjoy translating games into their own languages as much as playing them, and make up for their young age with enthusiasm and gaming knowledge.

On the other end of the spectrum are complex games with extensive storylines, which require audio or subtitling, cultural adaptation and testing of localized builds. This calls for a translation team consisting of not only gamers, but also our most experienced professionals and a more sophisticated process.

In general, while gamers provide valuable insights into style and terminology from the end-user point of view, professional translators are required for the bulk of translation work, especially dialogs and the game narrative, which call for good writing skills. Andovar works with both types of resources for optimal results.

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