Andovar provides a complete range of multimedia localization services. With offices located in cosmopolitan cities around the globe and proprietary in-house studios in Bangkok, we can provide our services in any language and integrate any combination of tasks for a comprehensive multimedia localization service including:

  • Translation & Localization
  • Subtitling & Closed Captioning
  • Audio & Video Studio Services
  • Multimedia & Flash Integration
  • Cultural Adaptation
  • Voice Casting & Voice-over Services
  • Flash Animation & Localization
  • Green/Blue Screen Compositing
  • Animation Services
  • Video Filming & Production
  • Upgrade to Web-Ready Formats
  • Multimedia Conversions

Script Translation

Andovar’s translation team understands the importance of nuance, style and timing in adapting scripts to foreign languages, and we know how to front-load the process to ensure this comes through in the final translation. Whether you are localizing for eLearning, documentaries, corporate videos or feature films, Andovar can put the right resources and processes in place for your project.

Voice Casting & Voice-over

At Andovar, we record all audio to a professional standard at our own audio studios. We audition new potential voice artists on a daily basis and those who make it past our rigorous testing process are added to our database. All potential candidates must be experienced and achieve a good score on sight reading, articulation, voice projection and script comprehension. They also need to be long-term residents and available to record retakes or extra content in the future. With in-house studio production capabilities and rich metropolitan cities from which to draw international voice talent, Andovar can provide multilingual voice services in virtually any language.

Andovar has three recording studios, each consisting of a control room and separate recording room. Each studio is fully soundproofed with Rockwool and acoustically designed to absorb reflections and minimize the buildup of low frequencies and standing waves. The air-conditioning system is baffled and virtually silent, and except some light room tone there is no audible ambient noise in the recording rooms. Download our audio specs here.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

Whether you are subtitling video to expand the reach of your content, or closed captioning for the hearing impaired, Andovar has a comprehensive range of captioning solutions. We can hard-code subtitles directly into the video or create custom XML/text-based subtitles in any format (CUE, SRT, SUB, and more), which can easily integrate with your website videos or LMS based eLearning courses. We take a progressive approach to all language technologies, and will always be able to deliver to your specifications.

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