Having worked on the translation of millions of words into dozens of languages and thousands of hours of courseware and software projects, Andovar understands where things may go wrong and how to prevent it. Our quality assurance checks spread through every stage of every project; from scoping and quotation to production, review and beyond. Our experience shows that if these steps are followed, we are able to maintain the high standards of quality and consistency that our clients expect.

Rigorous Translator Evaluation

Andovar maintains full-time in-house staff solely dedicated to the recruiting, testing and ongoing management of the Andovar’s network of qualified freelance professionals. From subject-area specialization and years of experience, to writing quality and language technology capabilities, we check and test every relevant point of review to ensure the right fit.

Each of Andovar’s translators undergoes a meticulous evaluation process, initially involving review of the applicant’s CV and credentials and followed-up by translation and editing tests that cover general language competencies, subject area specializations, and the overall ability to capture the nuance of language. We use a triple-screen evaluation process to ensure fairness and consistency in testing outcomes. Although results might vary slightly by subject-area specialization, the average pass rate for this system is under 8%.

Quality at Every Step

Our experience shows that quality should be a consideration right from the beginning when the project is discussed and scoped, throughout localization process, and after delivery to the client. The below diagram summarizes the quality control steps we employ at each phase:

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