Andovar is committed to the intelligent use of beneficial language technologies to enhance value and facilitate wider language coverage for our clients. From guidance on intelligent selection of TMS (Translation Management System) and optimized use of translation memory (TM) tools to the training of customized Machine Translation (MT) engines and development of smart inter-organizational workflows, Andovar’s innovative way of thinking engenders solutions that enable our clients to bridge the global communications gap.

Language Technology Tools

Andovar offers centralized translation memory management and advisory services for Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Tools, which enhance the productivity and consistency of translators. They usually include several component technologies in a single integrated workbench, such as document editors, terminology management, and translation memory. The tools have evolved along with the computing and networking industries, first as stand-alone software to be used on a single computer, then client-server tools to be used on a company network, and most recently to cloud-based tools delivered via the internet.

Frequent buyers of translation often grapple with decisions of how to make the right investment in a CMS (Content Management System) or TMS (Translation Management System). Andovar provides objective guidance that helps our clients maximize their returns on communication technology investments while improving global translation workflow.

Machine Translation

Andovar provides a full range of machine translation support and advisory services that enable the development of commercially viable, customized Machine Translation (MT) engines. Such services include:

  • Feasibility studies and MT engine selection advisory
  • Post-editing of Machine Translation output
  • Sorting and post processing of MT output
  • Quality control and MT improvement cycle management

Andovar supports MT technology and our customers by providing a human post-editing (PE) process. This enables delivery of usable early-stage MT output, which can furthermore be used to accelerate the improvement of customized MT engines. Andovar’s MT + PE service provides a highly cost effective resource to help our clients make rapid advances in productivity, ensuring optimal return on investment in machine translation technologies.

Engineering Skills

Andovar’s engineering department consists of senior localization engineers, each with over a decade of experience in the industry, and junior engineers recruited from the IT sector. This maintains a reservoir of localization industry knowledge while introducing the new skills necessary to keep abreast of the latest industry trends – particularly automation and complex data transformation.