Smartly Integrated Services: SEO to Content Creation to Tiered Localization

Travelocity chose Andovar as their business partner for comprehensive content globalization of From SEO/SEM research and original content creation, to localization at tiered quality and price levels using mixed methodologies and technologies, Andovar offered a solution scaled for volume, budget and integration.

Highly Specialized Content. Multi-faceted Service Needs. One Solution.

Prometric is the recognized global leader in technology-enabled testing and assessment services, working in multiple industry segments ranging from kitchen safety to software development and beyond. Andovar supports Prometric’s global services with a comprehensive localization solution, including translation of subject-area specialized content, multimedia localization (voiceover, subtitling, Flash integration) and more.

The Quest for Globalization Through Localization

QI Services began its localization initiatives in 1998, a move that enabled the direct sales company to use a potent combination of direct sales and e-commerce for rapid international growth. A lot has changed in translation technology since 1998; this case study represents a timeline of development and ways that Andovar and our precursors enabled QI to transition into cutting edge technologies.

Specialized Game Localization: World of Tanks is an award-winning developer of strategy games. See how Andovar provided complete gaming localization support for this massively multiplayer online action game with an eye on carefully detailed historical accuracy in over 18 languages.