PC and console best-seller Modern Warfare 3, released in November 2011, earned $750m USD in its first five days. By way of comparison, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the current record-holder for the fastest-selling film, clocked up just $169m of ticket sales on its first weekend. The gaming industry is big and it’s growing. Fast. As a comprehensive localization solutions provider, Andovar has also seen tremendous growth in demand for gaming globalization services, and we have made a special effort to stay at the cutting edge of the business by building out a specialized game localization division and testing lab, as well as investing in relevant gaming conferences and development organizations. It’s a labor of love and it requires an investment in terms of time and relationships to ensure that we keep ahead of best localization practices for our gaming clients.

Game Connection Paris 2011

Early in December 2011, we attended Game Connection in Paris, one of the world’s largest events for computer gaming professionals. We met with many European game developers, publishers, and distributors and we saw some emerging (or expanding) lines of thought in regard to game localization.

There were a few areas where we found most interest fueled by recent trends:

  1. Ever heard of Angry Birds? Actually, the game was a failure in English-speaking markets at first and only thanks to focusing on smaller countries did it reach the critical mass that made it the success that it is. The moral of the story: it is much easier to be a big fish in a small pond and localization into minor languages can bring your game to new markets with a splash.
  2. Latin American and Asian game industries are growing rapidly and poised for accelerated growth in coming years both as markets and as developers of games. From a localization perspective, we anticipate that use of English as a pivot language will shift as demand for other source languages – and for specialized resources – continues to grow.
  3. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) continue to rise in popularity and publishers often reach to developers from emerging markets to acquire new titles at good values. The sheer volume of content for such games, combined with the use of origination languages other than English, poses a special challenge for global distribution when time-to-market is a critical element of a game’s competitiveness.

What Does This All Mean to Andovar and Our Clients?

At Andovar, we’ve always kept a global perspective on our business – both from perspectives of global resources and global client markets – as well as a holistic approach to the way our services are rendered and integrated. The goal is to simplify localization for our clientele, which we seek to achieve in the following ways:

  • Removing the stress of localization process management by integrating value-added services that match client needs. In the particular case of gaming, this usually means handling large volumes of translation and file engineering for in-game content and UI, as well as voice acting and testing.
  • Offering the best possible fit and value to our customers by having production centers in different but complementary regions. Specifically, we do the bulk of our work from Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand) and Latin America (Medellín, Colombia), both of which plug into global resources that match the development pattern seen in game localization.
  • Keeping game localization specialists in-house, and investing in their further development. This is crucial to delivering on the industry’s needs with competitiveness and time-efficiency – all without giving up the artistic element of successful game adaptation into multiple languages.

On Continuing Participation in Game Conferences

We see that relevant knowledge is critical to building suitable processes and resources. Events such as Game Connection help us build our knowledge and reputation in the exciting and fast-growing gaming industry. We look forward to meeting more of our customers and peers at game conferences in the future, and we will continue to develop our team in a way that will support accelerating growth in this specialized market.

To learn about Andovar and our experience, and to see how those might plug and play with your needs, please contact us for a free initial consultation.