Dear Friends and Clients of Andovar, as many of you have no doubt heard and seen in the news, Bangkok has been beset by serious flooding that has indeed impacted many parts of the city. As friends and customers, you also know that we have a major production facility in Bangkok and so we want to take this moment to give you an update on where things stand with particular focus on our offices and business continuity. The answer to your first question is: YES, we are dry and fully operational.

Please feel free to read below for greater detail.

The Flooding Situation in General

To summarize, the floods coming across Bangkok are largely the result of massive amounts of water coming down from Northern Thailand, which reposits most of the country’s water for the dry season throughout the course of the year through a national reservoir system. The reservoirs were overfilled to the point that there is no choice but to allow the water to roll through the country – including Bangkok, which is situated in Central Thailand. Thailand’s natural slope has always sent water through this path, but not usually in such great volumes as to flood the nation’s capitol.

The core challenges come on many fronts:

  • Control the flow of water to minimize damage and maximize safety as best possible
  • Protect critical areas to ensure business continuity
  • Provide assistance to the affected population in terms of supplies and potable water
  • Manage collateral damage as best possible, including the emergence of different types of wild life or diseases we might not normally be exposed to

We sympathize deeply with affected families and businesses. This situation has indeed caused different types of disruptions for business and for day-to-day life for many residents of the Kingdom of Thailand. At the same time, we have seen a resilience that, we believe, is a resounding and inspiring characteristic of the Thai people and we’re proud to be here.

Having said all of this, we believe that some international reporting fails to report the whole situation and is focuses solely on the elements of disaster. To watch CNN, one would be led to believe that the entire city is under 6 feet of water. The situation is very serious, but the fact is that many parts of the city are still operational and reasonably expect to remain in operation.

Where Andovar Stands

At Andovar Bangkok, we are still dry and operational with all studios, project management, localization engineering and graphic integration personnel operating at full capacity. We believe this will continue to be the case for the following reasons:

  • We are located in a part of the city near a major canal, Khlong Saen Saep, which is being carefully managed to prevent overflow into parts of the city that are critical to business continuity.
  • Water will have to flow ACROSS Khlong Saen Saep before reaching our district, or it must overflow in our specific area. Water levels as of now are surprisingly low in Khlong Saen Saep, and we are reasonably certain that it can be managed to prevent overflow in this particular district.
  • We are many districts away from Bangkok’s main river, the Chao Phraya. We are reasonably certain that overflow will not make it quite this far.

Unfortunately, some of our staff have been affected in their residence and have had to relocate their families to higher ground. However, staff absenteeism is at a minimum and Andovar is exploring ways to lend support.

Ensuring Business Continuity: Global Business Structure + The Cloud

Although we are reasonably certain that Andovar Bangkok will remain safe and dry, we must of course ensure business continuity for the sake of our clients, and for the sake of our own bottom line. The following are steps we have in place to prevent work stoppages from affecting our project deliveries and client support work:

  • Andovar has multiple offices around the globe with systems and data management protocols configured to ensure that we can immediately hand-off functions from one site to another. This structure was originally established to support a round-the-clock service model, but the infrastructure nonetheless supports global hand-offs.
  • We primarily run our business functions and project management systems in the “Cloud”. Our global network (wholly owned by Andovar) include our offices in Asia, Australia and the Americas. Many functions can also be executed from home offices through VPN or secure web access where appropriate.
  • Our staff is cross-trained to ensure that we can provide mutual support in multiple disciplines where needed.

Although this is indeed a critical time for Thailand, we want to assure each and all of our customers – both current and prospective – that Andovar is committed to providing stable and professional support. No matter which of our services you use (Localization, Multimedia, Content Writing, Global SEO or Language Tech Advisory), we are thinking many moves ahead to ensure that you will continue to enjoy the good standard of service and quality to which you are accustomed.

Thanks all for your ongoing support and patronage. Please feel free to like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Twitter feed if you’d like to be apprised of our periodic updates.