Andovar is proud to announce that we have made the global list of Top 100 Highest Ranking Websites in eLearning, Training and Development. Why are we so proud? First of all, Andovar has long worked to position itself as a leading provider of eLearning localization solutions. We offer fully integrated services that include:

Packaging these services together into a comprehensive solution is just one part of Andovar’s value proposition. And getting the word out in a highly competitive marketplace is a serious challenge.

In addition to providing these services in accordance with international quality standards, Andovar employs an offshore production system that ensures highly competitive rates while maintaining service centers in cities that support our client markets. It’s the best of both worlds in terms of service and value.

Another reason we’re proud to make this list is that it reflects well on our Globalized e-Marketing Advisory and Content Creation service lines. Identifying relevant keywords and writing quality content that helps to earn such rankings is another service Andovar offers; if it works for us, it’s good evidence that it will work for our clientele. In any language.

For more information about Andovar’s eLearning localization solutions or e-Marketing advisory services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether to chat over ideas or to provide you with added punch in your globalization efforts, we’d love to help.