In what is already being called a “revolution in communication,” and “a game-changing development,” Andovar today announced the launch of its new service, gender-domain localization.

“For too long our planet’s population has suffered from mutual incomprehension,” says Andovar CEO, Conor Bracken. “For years I had no idea that when my wife said ‘Fine,’ that things were anything but. And when I’d ask ‘how are you going?’ she would never understand I meant ‘Please hurry up we’re already late.’”

Andovar’s new service offering is the result of decades of research, in bars, bedrooms and expensive restaurants, and allows any man or woman with a computer or smartphone to immediately and accurately comprehend the sullen mutterings of the opposite sex.

The technology works by both Machine Translation and rapid-real time human editing. When a query is submitted via voice or web-API it is immediately decoded and segmented. Each segment is then compared to a vast database and assigned a statistical matching score, which is analysed, in reference to its neighbours, and matched to similar language employed by the opposite gender. If the client has subscribed to a premium package, the phrase is compared to an existing, personalized, translation memory and post-edited by a staff member.

For example, John calls Jane and says “I may be a little late home tonight,” the system will produce and deliver a translation in under three seconds, in this case “Me and my friends are going to get mashed tonight.” When Jane replies to John “Fine, I wasn’t planning anything anyway,” the system will return “That’s OK, you can sleep in the car for the rest of the week.”

Field-testing of the system has been underway for the last six months with stunning results and two homicides.

“One must be careful when bringing a completely new product to the market,” says five-times married Russell Winterbotham, VP of Business Development, “But we are convinced this will be an essential part of Andovar’s product stable over the next decade.”

When quizzed on what’s next for Andovar, Conor Bracken is canny. “We’re still in the early stages of research and data acquisition, but I think there are plenty of people out there who’d like to communicate with man’s best friend.”

Andovar provides localization services including translation, subtitling, voiceover, desktop publishing in over 40 languages.