Andovar is a global provider of multilingual content solutions. Our services range from text translation and content creation, through audio and video recording, to turnkey localization of websites, software, eLearning, video and games. We are headquartered in Singapore and have offices in Ireland, Thailand, Colombia, India, USA and the UK.

We started in Southeast Asia, with Western ownership and management. Placing production in low-cost countries has allowed us to offer more competitive pricing, while keeping quality at the highest international level. Andovar focuses on emerging markets and technologies, such as websites, mobile, gaming, multimedia and cloud software. Emerging markets are the new frontier in localization and where others struggle with complex scripts and lack of standards, Andovar has the expertise to succeed.

We are a medium-sized company that is small enough to be agile and adaptable, yet big enough to handle projects of any size. While others try to automate everything and make localization a numbers game, Andovar creates customized solutions for each client to meet their needs and budgets. Andovar is employee-owned, and everyone has a stake in our clients’ success.

We do not sell any software solutions and we use the latest technology ourselves, which allows us to give impartial advice to our clients. A wide range of professional talent from across the world coupled with our own audio studios means we are a one-stop-shop for all localization projects regardless of size, type and languages required.

This is how we help our clients Make Themselves Clear in Any Language.

Company Structure

Andovar is headquartered in Singapore, maintains production locations in Dublin, Bangkok, Medellín and Kolkata and sales and administrative support offices in Miami and London.

With major production and service hubs around the world, Andovar offers around-the-clock service supported by a highly experienced project management team. We have chosen our locations strategically to enable recruitment of a world caliber team at low costs that ensure a highly competitive global position.


Affiliations and CSR

Camillian Home

Camillian Home is a non-profit children’s charity operating on behalf of the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand in the area of Lat Krabang, Bangkok. The association focuses on orphaned and abandoned children living with disabilities, many of whom are also living with HIV/AIDS. Managed by the St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand, children are brought up and taught values based on their own beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is free to express and follow their faith, whatever it may be. Andovar is proud to provide support to Camillian Home both directly through voluntary assistance and localized outreach support, and through the Irish-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Thai Public Schools

As a technology company, Andovar has to replace hardware frequently in order to support the latest applications and growing file sizes. Whenever we purchase new electronics, we donate the old – but still fully functional – computers to local Thai public schools, which are able to put them to use for many years to come.

Professional Associations

Andovar is a member of several business and industry associations:

  • GALA – The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is a global, non-profit trade association for the language industry.
  • ITCC – The Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce is the recognized forum for people with an interest in the development of business ties between Ireland and Thailand.
  • EABC – The objective of European Association for Business and Commerce (EABC) is to contribute to the improvement of trade and investment for European companies in Thailand.
  • – Serving the world’s largest community of translators, delivers a comprehensive network of essential services, resources and experiences that enhance the lives of its members.
  • Common Sense Advisory – Provides independent, objective, and comprehensive primary research and insight to help companies profitably grow their businesses across borders, languages and cultures.